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Dynamic roulette 120


Roulette, the royale game.

You don't have to be an experienced player to make big wins on the roulette, after all it is a game of luck. However, this does not alter the fact that an experienced player gains insights and thus knows better how to approach betting, resulting in a smoother game cycle. The ultimate Las Vegas feeling is what makes many a roulette fanatic!

Did you know…

The first roulette wheels had a single and double zero on the wheel, which obviously reduced the odds of winning for the player… in 1848 the double zero was removed. Today both versions exist as American roulette wheels often still contain the double zero, often with an additional bonus game. Find various roulette games online and enjoy the game of games!

How do you play Roulette?

A wheel with a single zero has 37 pockets, numbers from 1 to 36 divided into red and black pockets, you’ll always find the zero and double zero in an green coloured pocket. If the wheel also counts a double zero, then there are of course 38 pockets. You can simply bet on a number, the colour, on even or odd numbers… the European and French roulette was divided into zones, in this way one can bet on all numbers within that zone at the same time. Just before the ball is released, all players are warned by the legendary phrase "Les jeux sont faits, rien ne va plus.", the ball is fired and rolls into one of the boxes... The green playing field shows all numbers, colours and zones, you can simply place your digital chips, Bets on multiple numbers and zones are very common as they increase winning chances. The casino works with chips, a croupier will launch the ball and announce the results. Online and in an arcade it is actually the same, only everything happens automatically.


The roulette is without any doubt the showpiece of every casino, 'the queen of the house'. The class of a roulette cannot be compared to any other casino game, arguably the most charismatic member of any casino, including Palladiumgames online casino.