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Dice games

Dice games can be found in many forms. Whether you like a mysterious atmosphere or rather cute designs, there is certainly a game that suits your personal taste or mood. Dice games are offered both in the casino and online, this type of game can count on many fans! Dice games are undoubtedly the most popular game on the Belgian online casinos. Not only the look and feel of the games is different, the rules of the game also vary from game to game. The rules and winning chances are clearly described per game, take the time to find out which game triggers you the most through a demo game.

General rules and principles in dice games.

The name of the game speaks for itself, it is always played with dice. The faces of the dice are given figures according to the theme of the game. They often have a very beautiful design. A series of dice will appear on the screen, up to you to place the series in the correct box to eventually form the most valuable combinations. It is diagonals and rows of the same symbols or a fixed sequence, depending on the game, that will yield points. Patience and perseverance are rewarded over time by bonus games, sometimes mysteries can also be unlocked… which obviously provides even more winning opportunities.

Dice games, a perfect cocktail of gaming experience and luck

Dice games have been played through centuries and in all cultures, the magic of the dice can charm many people. It is simple, clear, it has no secrets but at the same time it’s unpredictable. Palladiumgames offers a huge library of dice games, all games can be played via desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone. The game is simple yet it requires some attention and dexterity, so players often get better and better as they get to know the game. Start your dice adventure today by creating an account on Palladiumgames, winning can be that simple.

How do you play dice games?

Although many dice games have their own rules and features, the main goal is to form the best combinations in rows and/or diagonals. Dice games can be seen as a combination of four in a row and dice slots. Here not only luck plays a role, as with dice slots, the judgment of the player guides the game in the right direction. Whoever manages to form the ideal row of dice can count on high winnings! Everything starts with choosing the stake, making the right choices when placing the rows and… a portion of luck. In short, a delicious cocktail.