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Games with an online Jackpot

A jackpot is an extra chance of winning, if you choose a game with a jackpot you automatically play for that magical jackpot. The jackpot gradually peaks, it is very exciting as no one knows who it will be awarded to and at what time and thus what amount it will be won. Jackpot amounts can be very high!

Did you know…

The word jackpot originated in the early days of casinos in the United States. Then they played a certain variation of poker where the game could only start if someone had two jacks, or jacks, in their hand. As long as no one could start, the stakes pot ran high. The high pot that one could win when playing jacks gave rise to the popular term jackpot, which we all know today.

How does the online jackpot work?

The progressive Jackpot amount increases unceasingly. Every time a player bets, a small amount is added to the jackpot, in this way all players gradually fill the prize pool. Jackpot games are easily recognizable by the jackpot label, make sure you pick the right game if you want to take your chance. If you choose a jackpot game, you automatically choose extra winning opportunities. It is impossible to estimate when the jackpot “falls”, that's what makes it so exciting. Once the jackpot has been awarded, the next jackpot starts filling up and new opportunities are created. Typical jackpot games are dice slots and dice games.

Online jackpot games, the ultimate Las Vegas thrill.

The extra thrill that the jackpot brings is incomparable to other thrills. The higher the amount, the higher the chance that the jackpot will hit and the more exciting it gets. If you go for a game with a limited stake, you can still win big thanks to the jackpot principle.The Palladiumgames jackpot continues to fill up day and night…until JACKPOT!

How do you play for the jackpot?

Choose a game with the Jackpot label, play and wait for your chance. If you are the lucky one it’s party time, the winnings will simply be credited to your account! Winning money has never been so easy.