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Dice slots

The ultimate game of luck.

Dice slots as we know them today stem from the well-known slot machines with a lever on the right side that makes the reels spinning. The fruit symbols were replaced by dice and the lever gave way to a start button. Today, fewer and fewer dice slots work in casinos and gambling halls with mechanical reels, an electronic variant is now responsible for the game’s pleasure. Let the random generator determine the combinations because the more valuable combinations the game produces, the higher the profit. A dose of luck, that's all you need to make a nice profit!

Dice slots, fun and pure relaxation

Do you ever dare to rely on luck? Do you like excitement and sensation? Does the digital world of games make your heart beat faster? Let's go then! Go for Bonus games of Mysteries and enjoy the highest winning chances. Dice slots are very easy to play and can be enjoyed whenever and wherever you want! Thanks to the mobile options, you can also play relaxed from your couch or from a boring waiting room… it's up to you!

How do you play dice slots?

The general setup is the same for all dice slots, but every game has its nice extras, the symbols used and the value associated with it also differ from game to game. How do you get started? Create an account, choose a game, set the stake, press start and enjoy your game! It's super easy, fun guaranteed.

Online dice slots

Dice slots are very popular in the casino, in gambling halls and online. The popular game symbolizes pure relaxation, press start and the fun can begin. Go for the top combinations and win the highest prize!