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How to play

At the bottom of your screen you can decide what bet you like to place through the ‘stake’ button. During the next games, you can always adapt this bet, what means that your bet isn’t fixed from the moment your take part in your first game. Do you decide to not change this bet? Then you play for the same bet as the bet of your previous game.

Your first game of Hong Kong dice will start by clicking on the button ‘start’ at the bottom of your screen. You’ll get to see three dices, placed one below another, at the top in the middle of your screen. These dices need to be placed in one of the four squares below. Next it’s up to you to play dices of equal type next to each other, horizontally or diagonally.

Moreover, you can find a scoring system at the top of the first of four squares, which you can use in order to discover the value of playing lines with identical dices. At the end of each game, the total score is calculated, after which your total profit is paid out.

You succeeded in filling in a square with nine identical dices? Then you’ll receive a bonus of two hundred points (9 alike bonus). In case you score points in three out of four squares, your total score will be multiplied by 1,5. If you score in all four squares, your total score will be multiplied by 2.

Possible Bonuses

If you succeed in making a horizontal of diagonal combination through three ‘tower game’ dices, you’ll get the chance to play a bonus game. This bonus game can yield extra points, amounts in euros or mystery games. In the left tower, you can find the profits in form of points and mystery games. In the right tower, your can discover the possible amounts of money and mysteries to win.

The computer determines at random a price, you don’t have any say in this. Though it’s up to you to decide if you want to accept and keep this price (choose ‘accept’ or ‘refuse’). U can refuse a maximum of four prices. The fifth offered price is automatically accepted.




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