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Super Jackpot at work introduces its dice games with Jackpot! If you choose a game with jackpot, the counter appears at the top of the screen in which the actual Jackpot value and level will be displayed. It is not known when and at which amount the Jackpot will be won, this is what makes this version of dice games that exciting. It offers you an additional opportunity to win without having to do anything at all. 

jackpot levels

The coloured gold bar indicates in which Jackpot level you are playing.

jackpot counter

You can easily change levels by changing stakes. The level range can be limited, depending on the game you play. Jackpot levels are determined by stake.

jackpot level tray

Queen of Dice can be played from level 1 (stake €0,25) to level 4 (stake €2,50). Games Wonderland, Pixie Dice, Detective Dice, Samurai Madness, Diamond Jungle, Hong Kong Dice and Spinning Cube 1 and 2 are available from levels 1 to 5 ( stakes from €0,25 to €5,00). Wonderland XXL can be played from level 5 (stake €5,00) to level 6 (stake €25,00).


Curious about the value of all Jackpot levels?

Check which value is connected to other levels by pointing the counter. A window will appear and show Jackpot counters of all levels at once. This is how you choose how to play your game, at what stake and for which Jackpot!


Who’s playing?

All active Jackpot players are connected to the Jackpot attached to the level they are playing with. It’s a true upgrade for your game!


Who’s winning?

Once the Jackpot is won, all players playing within the same level, will hear the winning sound and see graphics announcing there is a winner! All active dice game players see when and how much there is won within their level. The name of the winner, and the amount that has been won appear in the counter.

jackpot amount

If you are the lucky one, you will see an additional animation that is only shown to winners! In case you won, the Jackpot’s value will be added to your player account at the end of the game.

jackpot winner

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Our customer support team is always here to help you. If there is anything you need to know, we will be pleased to help you.

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